How the Sales department can Run Business Faster?

Faster Sales means more Business. Here are a few ideas on how Sales representatives, Account Executives are using HAL ERP to save hours of their Business time to bag more wins.

Track everything about your Purchase – From Order to item level

Your 360 degrees view of your Purchase department. Enter PO/Supplier reference to see where your order stands in terms of overall progress, item reception, payment to where each individual item is: outstanding to stock update. No more juggling of multiple reports to see the same.
Estimated Time Saving: 20 minutes per Sales Order

How the Sales department can Run Business Faster?

From Quote to receiving Cash – Enjoy the Flow

Capture the Enquiry once in the system, convert them into beautiful quotes in seconds, then handover to responsible teams for order processing i.e., Sales order to delivery notes – all in a seamless flow
Estimated Time Saving: 40 minutes per Quote

Order Processing – Accelerate your Buy/Make cycle

Convert your Sales order into manufacturing Work Order or Purchase request to buy. Process faster to build a happy customer base

Estimated Time Saving: 15 minutes per Quote

Smart Invoicing – Get Paid Faster

Your invoice reached your customer or not. No more hide & seek games. Send invoice from the ERP over email, know when they open them to call, log follow-ups – Calls/WhatsApp/Notes, automate chasing emails to get cash faster

Estimated Time Saving: 25 minutes per Invoice

Item level Profitability – Know Products/Services that make you more Money

All your sales consolidated to help you know Products that deliver your profits to items that eat them. No more manual consolidation/calculations, just Sell!

Estimated Time Saving: 60 minutes per Week

Sales Commissions – Reward your Sales Team precisely

Set up your commission policy once and let ERP tell you how much each Salesman should get at the end of each period along with the profits they have made for your company.

Estimated Time Saving: 120 minutes per period

That’s how Hal ERP Sales users save a minimum of 2 to 3.5 hours per day i.e., up to 40% of their work time every month. When Businesses can run faster with lean resources, Isn’t it a better competitive edge for the Business?