How Purchase department can Run Business Faster

Smart Purchases leads to Time-cost saving i.e., Company’s Profitability. Here are a few ideas on how the Procurement Department is using HAL ERP to save hours of their Business time to increase the Company’s bottom line.


Send RFQ in one shot to multiple vendors – Maximize your advantage

Gone are the days when you have to type/ Copy-paste RFQ (Request for quotes) and send them to each Supplier individually. Choose your preferred list of Suppliers & click Send. Your suppliers will receive an email with all details to respond.

How Purchase department can Run Business Faster

Compare Quote to Auto PO – Enable Smart Purchasing

Once you receive a response from your vendor for your RFQ, see them all in one grid to select the best options, even item wise. Click Send, each of your supplier will receive an official PO with the item you have opted for.

Estimated Time Saving: 30 minutes per Purchase

From Purchase Request to Issue – Enter once & Enjoy the flow

Turn Sales order into Purchase Request/enter PR once. From there on, convert them to RFQ to quote comparison to Purchase order to Item Receipts to Purchase invoice to Purchase issue. Yes, too many to’s there with effortless clicksEstimated Time Saving: 30 minutes per Purchase

Track everything about your Purchase – From Order to item level

Your 360 degrees view of your Purchase department. Enter PO/Supplier reference to see where your order stands in terms of overall progress, item reception, payment to where each individual item is: outstanding to stock update. No more juggling of multiple reports to see the same.

Estimated Time Saving: 20 minutes per Purchase

Bill of Entry to Landed Cost – Cost Price Calculations in clicks

Missing out to see the profitability of each item at the end of the year? Promise you will do the additional leg work of distributing customs/shipping cost to each item but your work is keeping you busy every year or what you see is not accurate? No worries here onwards. Create Landed cost from Bill of entry and arrive at an accurate cost price in few clicks

Estimated Time Saving: 20 minutes per Purchase

That’s how Hal ERP Procurement users save a minimum of 2 to 3.5 hours per day i.e., 40% of their work time every month. When Businesses can run faster with lean resources, Isn’t it a better competitive edge for the Business?