How Human Resources can Run Business Faster?

People often complain/wish for the Human Resources department to be more Human. We have a choice to complain or bring back Human to Human Resources. When the HR department is equipped with tools to run their department faster, they will find such a sweet time to spend with Humans Here are few ideas on how HRs are using HAL ERP to save hours of their Business time

Payroll – Click & see the Magic

Click that Generate Payroll button to see HAL ERP taking care of:

  1.  Loss of Pay
  2.  Automate Loan Deductions
  3.  Overtime
  4. Salary Advance
  5. Pay-adjustments
  7.  Airfare calculations
  8.  Statutory components calculation
  9.  Project costing
  10. Employee Expenses/claims
  11. Settlements/Vacations/Encashments

to generate payslips to bank-ready WPS documents to distribute salaries


How Human Resources can Run Business Faster?

Core HR – Hiring to Retiring Paperwork in clicks

Inducting new staff into the company, assign Leave and Salary Packages from templates & issue contract/offer letter to managing their Id Cards/Documents expiry or issue Service letter at his/her resignation, all managed with few clicks

Time & Attendance – Automate & Forget it

Capture staff’s time spent for Business through Biometric, Self Service, Timesheet Imports including overtime & Late. Run Attendance Policies, all your time & attendance complexities simplified to calculate accurate Salaries

Bulk Adjustments – All exceptions handled faster

Giving a Bonus out or special allowances, how about overtime allowances in one step? do for select few/many in one go. Your cheat sheet to override

Estimated time Saving: 2 Man-days effort per month

Ledgers Posted – Finance informed just with Approval

Tired of posting journal entries manually from your HR Reports? Remember people communicated using Fax/pagers those days or manually prepare financial entries for HR at the end of the month to be posted. Both are equally old & outdated. Approve your payroll, all HR related ledgers are posted immediately

Project Profitability – No more a distant future

Measure in Man-days or hourly, allocate people to the Project & forget. Get the exact time and money spent on each project as per the employee rates.

Estimated time Saving: 3 Man-days effort per month

Year-end Process – You don’t have to be that careful

Giving out increments, carry forward leave balances or pay encashments – Careless and run the year-end to take care of them

Estimated time Saving: 10 Man-days effort per year

That’s how Hal ERP HR users save a minimum of 3 to 4 hours per day i.e., 50% of their work time every month. When Businesses can run faster with lean resources, Isn’t a better competitive edge for the Business?

For any company having the correct platform to manage the human resource plays a crucial role. Human Resource Management System is typically large ground to cover. It holds all the information related to the employees and requires timely maintenance. Hence, manual data update becomes crucial with the employment size. In such a situation comes to help HRMS Software in Saudi Arabia. The software is user-friendly and technologically advanced to get the data updated in multiple sections in one go. The update doesn’t need to be done in various sections in a repeated manner. It saves time and you from the monotonous cycle. You get a one-stop solution with the software and in a highly secured manner.

HRMS Software in Saudi Arabia is again gaining popularity due to its efficiency and looking at the constant growth, time management becomes very important. To maintain the flow without any disruption it is advised to go for the software that can handle it. We even advise on the best modules to support the organization from both employee and employers’ perspectives. From onboarding to exit formalities, all can be easily done and efficiently. In short, the entire management workflow gets integrated in a smooth manner.

Payrolls are a critical aspect and need a lot of attention. It includes minute details on an hourly basis to be updated so that the payroll can be processed smoothly and in the correct manner. Now, doing a manual calculation is still fine as long as the employee count is limited or in a set pattern but the complexity gets into the picture when the annual reporting is to be done to the government. Hence to make the overall process smooth and correct, it’s always suggested to go for software that is designed as per the company. Best Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia is being used by most organizations to reduce errors and payments are done correctly and on time. We support the organizations with ample scope in the software to accommodate any change in the employee count and government policies.

We call it the Best Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia because the software is designed in such a manner that it has minimum human intervention and any and every update on the tax codes and other factors gets updated automatically. This minimizes the chance of error and the overall reporting is done in an efficient manner. Having software to support the payroll not only simplifies the overall process but gets documented month on month to have the records in place. At any time in the future, it can be used for reference and supports both employee and employer down the lane.