How Human Resources can Run Business Faster?

People often complain/wish for the Human Resources department to be more Human. We have a choice to complain or bring back Human to Human Resources. When the HR department is equipped with tools to run their department faster, they will find such a sweet time to spend with Humans Here are few ideas on how HRs are using HAL ERP to save hours of their Business time

Core HR – Hiring to Retiring Paperwork in clicks

Inducting new staff into the company, assign Leave and Salary Packages from templates & issue contract/offer letter to managing their Id Cards/Documents expiry or issue Service letter at his/her resignation, all managed with few clicks

Time & Attendance – Automate & Forget it

Capture staff’s time spent for Business through Biometric, Self Service, Timesheet Imports including overtime & Late. Run Attendance Policies, all your time & attendance complexities simplified to calculate accurate Salaries

Payroll – Click & see the Magic

Click that Generate Payroll button to see HAL ERP taking care of:

  1.  Loss of Pay
  2.  Automate Loan Deductions
  3.  Overtime
  4. Salary Advance
  5. Pay-adjustments
  7.  Airfare calculations
  8.  Statutory components calculation
  9.  Project costing
  10. Employee Expenses/claims
  11. Settlements/Vacations/Encashments

to generate payslips to bank ready WPS document to distribute salaries


Ledgers Posted – Finance informed just with Approval

Tired of posting journal entries manually from your HR Reports? Remember people communicated using Fax/pagers those days or manually prepare financial entries for HR at the end of the month to be posted. Both are equally old & outdated. Approve your payroll, all HR related ledgers are posted immediately

Project Profitability – No more a distant future

Measure in Man-days or hourly, allocate people to the Project & forget. Get the exact time and money spent on each project as per the employee rates.

Estimated time Saving: 3 Man-days effort per month

Estimated time Saving: 2 Man-days effort per month

Bulk Adjustments – All exceptions handled faster

Giving a Bonus out or special allowances, how about overtime allowances in one step? do for select few/many in one go. Your cheat sheet to override

Estimated time Saving: 10 Man-days effort per year

Year-end Process – You don’t have to be that careful

Giving out increments, carry forward leave balances or pay encashments – Careless and run the year-end to take care of them

That’s how Hal ERP HR users save a minimum of 3 to 4 hours per day i.e., 50% of their work time every month. When Businesses can run faster with lean resources, Isn’t a better competitive edge for the Business?