Our Story

We all have a story. We have ours too. As passionate business owners, we looked out for ways to help us improve the business; to be more successful in what we were doing. But when we went hunting for the right software system, we figured out two things – One – the out of the box products were simple and easy to implement but was not going to fit us. Rather we had to fit them which meant we would end up creating unnecessary complications instead of simplifying the whole business. Two – the bespoke software builders were commercially very challenging and were in no mood to listen to our actual needs. Rather they were busy trying to explain why their features were a must have! Thus began our journey into building a solution that addresses business pain points. We didn’t want to come up with yet another system burdened with infinite features which did not make much sense to the business and pushed the price points way beyond the stratosphere, where perhaps only space shuttles exist!Instead, we focused on the core – A technology to scale up and deliver to the need of a business in the way they like it best – simply put we decided to simplify the journey of any business wanting to be more successful with the help of the right system.Our commitment towards our core principles means only two things – we are in it only to help you win it! With our technology we were determined to offer the best custom solution for a business with the simplicity of a product – thus was born the HAL SolaaS model – Solution as a Service where we try to come up with a solution that fits your need and adds meaning to your IT spend without compromising your goal – your business success!Come, explore with us the true genius of a system that can help your business be more successful. After all, that’s the whole point with a business system – isn’t it?

About Hal Simplify Solutions

Small things matter to us. Which is why we picked a name that defines us – To simplify the solutions. We care deeply about not just what we are building but also about how we build it. This is fundamental to our survival as we believe that current systems are needlessly complicated and in some way made to make life more difficult for the end user. We strive to make things simple and help make people’s life much easier.

How we are Different

We are not an another ERP company with the same old features being serving again in new interfaces. We are a Business Success Software Company building elements that will fuel Businesses Growth Engine like Closing Deals Faster, Getting Paid Sooner, Spending wisely, Being Profitable always, Maintain a happier team powered by our signature Simplicity.

Transform Businesses and pursue Excellence


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