Pan Gulf Opticals – Case Study for HAL ERP Implementation

About Pan Gulf Opticals:

Pan Gulf Opticals, a sister company of Pan Gulf Holdings are pioneers in lens manufacturing. They actively manufacture and supply for 300+ customers.

Realization of pain points:

We identified the major problems that Pan Gulf Opticals faced from their existing system:

  1. The ordering process for customers was not streamlined.
  2. The customers were handled by all the departments, which resulted in duplication or loss of orders.
  3. Lack of clarity in placing orders resulted in manufacturing errors and wastage.
  4. No traceability of the orders placed.
  5. Multiple phone calls from the customers end regarding a follow-up of their respective orders.
  6. Improper inter-department communication as they are spread across different branches of the organization.
  7. The cost incurred by the workforce.
  8. Appropriate allocation of the workforce for a certain task.
  9. Lack of assurance of the quality of work despite the surplus workforce.
  10. Overall time consumed for various activities.

A detailed analysis of these pain points helped us realise that Pan Gulf Opticals faced critical setbacks and rectifying these issues was of top priority.

Proposed Solutions:

To overcome the aforementioned hurdles, we offered two proposals. The first is to assist Pan Gulf Opticals to streamline its resources. The second is to automate processes from customer enquiry to end sales. Automation boosts productivity and increases revenue. More importantly, it reduces the amount of time an employee spends on each task.

Pan Gulf Opticals saw tremendous changes in their work processes once they had incorporated our solutions. The process of customers placing orders became hassle-free. Customers now can place their orders through a separate member account available on their portal. They can monitor the progress status of their orders and raise queries through the same.

With an integrated HRMS module,  the data and workflow are tracked easily across various departments. It prevents duplication of data and enables uncomplicated data access from individual modules.

Successful Outcomes:

Implementing HAL ERP structurally organized the various activities and processes of PGO. This was reflected in the following ways:


  1. Easy to use, multi-purpose customer login portal.
  2. The clarity in the order placed: both on the customer end and manufacturing end.
  3. Reduction in manufacturing wastage.
  4. Reduction in paperwork on the invoice front.
  5. Reduction in manpower.
  6. Reduction in costs incurred.
  7. Increase in accrued interests.

As we all know, manufacturing is not one single process, but an amalgamation of multiple specific processes. Starting from billing orders, technical processes associated with lens, quality check, packaging and till delivery HAL ERP has provided a central control. At PGO, the billing of materials is automated, which in turn gives back accurate system-generated costs.

HAL ERP is used to manage 40000 plus stock keeping units at PGO. Despite numerous parameters involved in generating a material bill and taking into consideration the invariably large amount of data available, the resource planning software time and again has proven its agility. It helps in arriving at a ballpark estimate of the costs to be incurred.

As HAL ERP is a one-stop solution for the disarray PGO faces in its organization, it gives them more time and space to handle other pressing matters at hand. They can shift their focus on the strategic improvement of their business without having to be much concerned about the managerial activities that take place on a day to day basis. Moreover, they can arrive at ideal decisions regarding various prospects of their organization. This helps them run their business with more accuracy and speed.


A constant re-evaluation of existing software solutions is required to understand if they still meet your business requirements. As business shifts and grows, it requires a versatile software solution to keep up the pace. This instigated the organization to incorporate HAL ERP to even out their various business processes.


How HAL ERP proved to be useful:

The secret ingredient of HAL ERP is customization. As mentioned earlier a versatile software solution is highly essential. It can adapt itself to your business requirements, resulting in tailor-made software.

The financial management module can automate tasks related to billing, vendor payments, cash management and account reconciliation. It is the most important ERP module because it helps PGO to understand their current financial state and future outlook.

The procurement module helps the purchasing department prepare and send out purchase orders. It can then track that purchase order as the seller turns it into a sales order and ships the goods, automatically updating inventory levels once the order arrives.


The inventory management module enables inventory control by tracking item quantities and locations down to individual SKUs. This module offers a complete picture of not only current but also incoming inventory, through an integration with the procurement tool.


The manufacturing module helps PGO plan their production and make sure they have everything they need for planned production runs, like raw materials and machinery capacity. During the manufacturing process, it can update the status of goods-in-progress and help companies track actual output against forecasted production.


The HRMS module could be viewed as CRM for employees. It encompasses all the features of a workforce management application and offers additional capabilities like Hire- to- Retire, Core HR Payroll, Salary Advance, Loans, Time and Attendance. In turn, it is integrated with Finance to make operations even more functional.


An order management module tracks orders from receipt to delivery. It prevents orders from being lost and boosts on-time delivery rates to keep customers happy and cut unnecessary expenses for expedited shipping.


Upgrades are auto managed in HAL ERP. Hence, you are always running on the latest version without any intervention from the vendor or IT support. This helps in the constant re-evaluation of the software without any disturbances to your business processes.

We Let The Numbers Speak:

After the implementation of HAL ERP, Pan Gulf Opticals was able to steadily achieve its goals with an astounding ROI within one year. Here is a quantitative analysis of the processes before and after the implementation of HAL ERP.

1. Hours Spent Per day

The amount of time spent by an employee on a particular task reduced considerably and simultaneously resulted in the efficiency of the task performed.

2. Cost Savings:

In certain areas, PGO was able to achieve a 75% cost reduction after implementing HAL ERP. This was primarily since there was a significant reduction in time and workforce consumed.

3. Manpower:

Implementing HAL ERP, resulted in the automation of various processes, thereby cutting down on the number of people performing a task. It helped quicken the process and brought accurate results.