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What is E-Invoicing?

An e-invoice is a tax invoice issued in electronic form. Scanned or photocopied invoices are not e-invoices. Manual Invoices are not permitted anymore.

For whom is E-invoicing applicable?

All registered businesses in Saudi Arabia are required to issue electronic Invoice or e-Invoice.

When did e-invoicing come into force?

From Dec 04 2021, e-invoicing has come into force. It is being enforced in 2 phases – Phase 1 and Phase II

What is the difference between Phase I & Phase II?

There are big differences between Phase I & Phase II. Please check out our free e-book here to know more.

How can I be compliant with e-Invoicing?

It is very simple. You have to choose either of the following –

  • Upgrade your existing system to include all the ZATCA requirements. The requirements are listed in the ebook .
  • If you don’t have a system, please sign up for free to see a fully compliant and approved system.
  • If you don’t want to change the system, use a bridge system like VatCare to be compliant.
Do I have to necessarily change my system?

Absolutely not. You can retain your existing system and still be compliant. Please check out our innovative solution – where we connect your system to our bridge system to help you be compliant.

What is the main difference between Phase I & Phase II

4th Dec, 2021

Phase-I : Generation Phase


All VAT registered businesses to generate, store and retrieve invoices electronically


Applicable for all B2B and B2C Invoices irrespective of value


Simplified Tax invoices (B2C) to include TLV format QR code; Not mandatory for Standard Tax invoices (B2B)


Single invoice sequence number, invoice deletion/ modification not allowed


Archival of invoices in a ZATCA specified format.

1st Jan, 2023

Phase-II : Generation Phase


All VAT registered businesses to integrate e-invoicing solutions with ZATCA's system


Real-time clearance for Standard Tax invoices; Reporting within 24 hours of generation for Simplified Tax Invoices


Device registration and cryptographic stamp for each e-invoicing solution unit


Modified Phase II QR code for both Simplified/ Standard Tax invoices


ZATCA compliant XML generation mandatory Invoice changes to PDF A/3 (XML embedded)


XML to include new key fields like UUID, Previous Invoice Hash, Invoice Counter Value

What We offer?

Our HAL-VATCARE bridge and HAL ERP System

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Being an ERP solution provider ourselves, we truly understand the importance of integration. We offer flexible services to help you integrate either using csv bulk upload or instant connections using our API. 

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