Hal Edgecation Suite (HES)

Have an Edge over Education with Hal Edgecation Suite 

With every passing day, school operations are getting more complex, with stakeholders more interested in how the school delivers. The management is concerned about performance, parents want real-time information about their children and the quality of education, teachers want to focus on teaching more than mundane tasks, and the administrative staff are worried about smooth and hassle-free operations.

We've designed a Hal Edgecation Suite ERP maintaining a diversified ecosystem of the school and their varied interests in mind, with the simple goal of making each school deliver excellence by better performance, communication and management all-round.

At the foundation, we have 8 core modules and a number of optional add-on modules as required by each school, specific to its requirements to deliver excellence.


Say goodbye to face-offs with new parents; admissions will be streamlined hereafter.

One seat available. Whom to give it to: existing parent or new? Get information about the applicant instantly, on whether he has a sibling or not, and then decide. Exciting?
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Quick/detailed registration
  • Manage sibling admissions
  • Validate required documents
  • Set up evaluation criteria - Scholastic or other parameters
  • Enter Marks or points
  • Configure Evaluation rules
  • Do Manual evaluation or Lot system or Automatic evaluation
  • Generate Student ID, Parent ID
  • Attach to existing sibling and generate relevant child code
  • Override Fee quarter/month applicability
  • Generate Admission letter
  • Keep them updated at each stage via SMS


Let the Hal School ERP follow up with defaulters automatically!

Parents of three students waiting to pay fees? It isn't required to enter each student’s ID and waste time. The ERP would just pick up details of the rest of the siblings fee, with the student ID entered first. Great, isn’t it?
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Pay fees at the counter or online or through your school’s apps
  • Pay by Cash, Cheque, Cards or virtual accounts
  • Pay by month, quarter, full year or in instalments
  • One shot siblings payment
  • Define Fee components as required
  • Apply fee for class or shared interest group
  • Annual fee set up
  • Automated Fee defaulters follow up
  • Manage Fine with your own rules
  • Let the scholarship/discount appear automatically during payment
  • On the fly invoice - Enjoy the freedom of changing fee through out the academic year
  • Instant SMS acknowledgments
  • Reconcile Fee collection
  • Realtime defaulters report
  • Get alerts over SMS or email when staff cancels the fee


Why depend on your accountant, when you can get all your financial reports at the click of your mouse?

Was an expense approved without your choice, as staff have spent funds without prior approval? Let the HAL School ERP stop it. Your subordinates have spend limits based on a budget that you allocate. Brilliant, isn't it?
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Receive an item into inventory and get the bill to be paid with no effort
  • Record general/petty expenses
  • Record vendor expenses
  • Record Future expenses
  • Allocate budget for your subordinate to make expenses
  • Control expenses with Approval workflow
  • Manage vendor advance payments
  • Manage vendor credits for item returns
  • Multiple level Ledge account set up and mapping with Business activity
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Get account balances while making payments or as a report
  • Of course, power of Journal entries with Journal entry
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet at any moment
  • On the fly Income-Expense
  • Mange Vendor database
  • Analyse vendor transactions with Dashboards


For how long are you going to be in the dark about the exact stock levels at school?

Examinations are coming up. Do you know if you have enough answer sheets, office supplies and report cards? Get your exact stock in hand. Wonderful, isn't it?
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Create-approve Purchase Intent
  • Convert Purchase intent to Purchase Order
  • Receive Items with Item Receipts/GRN
  • Manage-Categorize Product/Items
  • Get to know stock in hand at any point in time
  • Track Stock movement
  • Review Stock history
  • Multiple stores or warehouses
  • Get timely alerts with Re-order tolerance

Student Management

Don't let continuous absentees miss your radar!

A student comes to school in shabby uniform often. You want to fix this. You record, then HAL School ERP will ask you whether to notify the parent or not. Your decision is final! Awesome, isn’t it?
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Mark student Attendance
  • Inform absentees parents over SMS
  • Manage student discipline
  • Issue TC
  • Manage student drop off
  • Re-admit Drop off students
  • Block allocation
  • Class room allocation
  • House allocation
  • Club allocation
  • Sub group allocation (Extra Curricular Activities)
  • Fee group allocation
  • Scholarship allocation
  • Examination allocation
  • Language allocation
  • Event groups allocation

HR (Time and Attendance)

Are you losing new recruits owing to disorganised inductions? Not anymore.

A member of staff plans her leave dates few days in advance, and needs your approval. Due to busy schedules, she's unable to meet you. Her leave is uncertain, as are her plans as a result. Automate it! You approve her leave from your mobile phone, while she waits at your lounge. Everyone's happy!
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Induct new Staff into organisation hierarchy and define Salary/leave packages
  • Manage Offer letter to acceptance
  • Mark staff attendance - Manual or biometric or RFID
  • Employee Self Service - Leave to late request from mobile phones
  • Define any number of leave packages
  • Manage-adjust Leave quota with its ledgers
  • Leave components as your organisation requires
  • Manage different shifts
  • Sandwich rules for weekends and holidays
  • Encash or carry forward the leave as you like
  • Define organisation Hierarchy

HR (Payroll)

You record staff attendance, and generate payroll in seconds instead of days.

A member of staff takes an advance on her salary, and a loan as well. She avails transport, and is absent for some days in that month. What’s going to be her Salary? Which of the loans should be recovered first? Is it complicated? But not for HAL School ERP. Calculate exact salary in few clicks. Cool, isn’t it?
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Group or personalised payroll components both allowances and deductions
  • Generate payroll with one click
  • Push payslips to Employee self service
  • Issue and recover Salary advance and loans
  • Payroll adjustments
  • Salary increment by pay scale or hike percentage
  • Choose between working days/full month calculation method
  • Manage Provident Fund
  • Manage Insurance
  • Manage Tax deductions
  • Generate B2B forms for bank and statutory departments

Control Centre

Let's stop chasing away users with overwhelming features and too many options! Personalise the application for each user.

A teacher joins the School. You give her the role of a Primary teacher. She gets automatically allocated to Students, Examination, Attendance & Discipline details of Primary students alone, without access to the whole HAL School ERP. Everything is interconnected. Great, isn’t it?
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Configure your data that appears in drop down boxes
  • Manage your document number sequences
  • Manage your Business rules
  • Localise your project
  • Set up different type of permissions for each modules
  • Create different roles at Designation/Department level
  • Map unlimited permission with roles
  • Create any number of users

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