HAL Business Suite (HBS)

"We believe that software should accommodate your business, and not the other way around"
Businesses today are competing at a much higher pace than before, in that we are required to make quick decisions, offer fast and quality services. The best way to stay ahead is to automate your business, ensuring the right data is recorded on time, ensuring it is retrievable at any point of time thereby enabling collaboration, communication and operational efficiency.

Having worked with a number of businesses, we've understood the bottom line of any business lies in its sales, financial, material and manpower management. The understanding was profound; we have come up with HAL Business Suite (HBS) comprising of these functions as a ready-to-start suite. We also understand that every business is unique, and has its own way of doing things. So HBS, along with Sales, Accounting, HR and Inventory can be customised with specific modules based on business needs.


We wanted our HBS to do sales, just like we do sales. This opens the door of complexities, but we have kept it simple. In the human world, we issue quotations to close a deal knowing we may not have in stock what we are going to sell. So, we designed our system to create a potential purchase order from the very same quotation.
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Create-Manage-Close quotations
  • Convert quotation into Invoice
  • Issue Purchase order based on Quotation
  • For bigger projects, convert quotation into Sales order
  • Debit Inventory with multiple delivery notes and credit accounting with Invoice
  • Simple Sale, Issue Simple invoice!
  • Manage on spot sales with Sales Receipts
  • Manage Sales Returns
  • Manage Customer Advances
  • Mange customer database
  • Analyse customer transactions with Dashboards


Many of the legacy accounting softwares were developed years ago, which basically imitate the manual process and leave out the advantage computers can bring to the table. Accounting entries were POSTED separately after business activities. Now, we have seamlessly bridged the gap between business activities and accounting, which effectively means no separate accounting entries, rather ledgers that are posted when an invoice (business activity) is issued. This also means we don't need accountants trained on specific softwares to manage our businesses.
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Run multiple Projects for the same client with Jobs
  • Get Project specific reporting
  • Receive an item into inventory and get the bill paid with no effort
  • Record general/petty expenses
  • Record vendor expenses
  • Record Future expenses
  • Allocate budget for your subordinate to make expenses
  • Control expenses with Approval workflow
  • Manage vendor advance payments
  • Manage vendor credits for item returns
  • Multiple level Ledge account set up and mapping with Business activity
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Get account balances while making payments or as a report
  • Of course, power of Journal entries with Journal entry
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet at any moment
  • On the fly Income-Expense
  • Mange Vendor database
  • Analyse vendor transactions with Dashboards


Money, Material and Manpower - these form an integral part of most organisations. Given that they are intertwined in day-to-day operations, the system should be able to work in any way it's required to. Therefore, we've associated Inventory activity with Accounting and vice-versa. You place a purchase order, HBS prepares the Bill to be paid and add items to your inventory. You sell an item, HBS reduces your inventory and adds money to your accounts. It's just that simple.
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Create-approve Purchase Intent
  • Convert Purchase intent to Purchase Order
  • Convert Quotation to Purchase order
  • Receive Items with Item Receipts/GRN
  • Manage-Categorize Product/Items
  • Get to know stock in hand at any moment
  • Track Stock movement
  • Review Stock history
  • Multiple stores or warehouses
  • Get timely alerts with Re-order tolerance

Human Resources (HR)

An organisation can take care of its business well, as long as it takes care of its employees well. Delays in crediting salaries, or missing out on employee's requests for leave / reimbursements / loans etc will affect staff motivation, without a doubt. This in turn affects growth of the business. Since timely responses are a key factor, we've automated our HR system to generate salaries, manage leaves with very few inputs in minimal time
This is just one example, there's a lot more you can do...
  • Induct new Staff into the organisation hierarchy and define Salary/leave packages
  • Manage Offer letter to acceptance
  • Mark staff attendance - Manual or biometric or RFID
  • Employee Self Service - Leave to late request from mobile phones
  • Define any number of leave packages
  • Manage-adjust Leave quota
  • Leave components as your organisation requires
  • Manage different shifts
  • Sandwich rules for weekends and holidays
  • Encash or carry forward the leave as you like
  • Define organisation Hierarchy
  • Group or personalised payroll components
  • One click payroll generation
  • Push payslips to Employee self service
  • Issue and recover Salary advance and loans
  • HR adjustments
  • Choose between working days/full month calculation method
  • Manage Provident Fund
  • Manage Insurance
  • Manage Tax deductions
  • Generate b2b forms for bank and statutory departments
  • Manage Recruitment
  • Conduct staff appraisal
  • Salary increment by pay scale or hike percentage

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