We continue to challenge the status quo so we deliver best of Solutions and Services to our Customers

HAL ERP covers all the aspect of your Business keeping everything Streamlined & Visible

Quote To Cash

Right from impressive quotation to sales order to till it hits Balance Sheet, everything is tracked

Hire to Retire

New Staff induction, automated leave policies, Loans, Advance, Payroll till they retire or resign from the Company

Procure to Payment

Starting from Purchase request to receiving Stock till you pay the vendor, process for all stages

Accounting ~ Everyone Can Understand

Credits, Debits. Have we lost you? Forget we spoke about them. Hal ERP is a new simple language which you and your Accountant can talk, understand.

More Reasons to Choose Hal ERP

Get a Status in Seconds

Color Coded Status at a Glance boxes in every module tells you something vital in seconds

Your Personal Secretary

Stock nearing low, Invoices cancelled or whatever, you will be alerted at right time

Search Anything

Forms, Reports, you name it. You can reach via Search

Minimal Learning Curve

We believe humans cannot work with something that is complex. So we see ways to make things simpler but powerful at the sametime

1 Report but Infinite Possibilities

Sky is a limit to extract number of reports with Hal’s intelligent Report utility

Speaks your Language

Toggle between language without logging in & out

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About Us

"Hal is a niche technology company providing enterprise solutions through its Proprietary Cloud based ERP, Hal ERP and IT services that would help its customers to accomplish their Business & Strategic objectives"


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