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  • Complete Financial to Business Control with less effort 

    Make Month of Expenses, Payables, Receivables, Income Transactions in minutes. We mean it! Allow Sales, Purchase, HR, Manufacturing Departments to Collaborate on General Ledgers 

  • Make Smart Decisions 

    Don't get drowned by Functionalities or overwhelmed by ERP providers Colourful Charts and metrics. Focus on 2 metrics that will tell your business is making a profit and your cash flow is not an issue. Decide Smarter  

  • Start using in minutes and Customize whenever you wish

    In a few minutes, Your ERP is ready to make real-time transactions.  Use it, if you like it then implement about your unique customizations with Success Packs instead of waiting & praying for months    

  • Enjoy Local Support  - We Speak your Language 

    Toggle between Arabic & English while using the ERP or talking to us. You don't have to work with companies who are timezones & miles away

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