Offline-Online, Anywhere POS for Retail Business

Powering your Sales with Beyond the Shop Sales, Loyalty, Promotions at a fraction of cost is possible with Hal POSsible

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Make it-Your-Own Solution

We believe Software should bend for Business and not the other way around.

So, Make it-Your-Own (MYO) is our magic ingredient. Hal POSsible is Highly configurable & Customizable POS system. Still not enough, Take advantage of your Customization Credits Portal saying no to hidden costs and Make it-Your Own, truly.

More reasons to choose
Hal Possible

  • Get a Status in Seconds

    Get a Status in Seconds

    Color Coded Status at a Glance (SAG) boxes in every module tells you something vital in seconds

  • Search Anything

    Search Anything

    Forms, Reports, you name it. You can reach via Search

  • Minimal Learning Curve

    Minimal Learning Curve

    Knowing 2 screens equals Knowing it all. Entire System is made of 2 screens for you to catch up faster. Tours & Videos come as two friends to onboard or to manage scenarios

  • Your Personal Secretary

    Your Personal Secretary

    Stock nearing low, Invoices cancelled or whatever, you will be alerted at the right time

  • Report but Infinite Possibilities

    Report but Infinite Possibilities

    Sky is a limit to extract number of reports with Hal’s intelligent Report utility

  • Speaks your Language

    Speaks your Language

    Toggle between languages without logging in and out

Well Thought out Plan for Business
of all Size & Type

Grow your Retail Chains like never before

Hal POSsibe - Making Growth simply possible!