All Tools in One Place to Grow your Business
Hal Business Success Software is not just a traditional ERP. It is an all-in-one suite that combines Operations (your ERP aspects covered), Collaboration, & Productivity into One beautiful Software
Hal Business Success Framework
What makes Great Business Unique is not just resources they possess. They have nailed Success Framework right from the start & milk to its best to taste Success. Now, You don’t have to spend time figuring out the Secret Formula anymore. You get them all at Hal Business Success.

Close Deals Quickly

Features like Estimation to Proposal generation help businesses to quote quickly/propose with accurate Manpower, Material, Service Costs to the customer & close deals

Get Paid Faster

Smart Invoicing feature helps to create different nature of invoices like Proforma, Recurring, Regular, etc. & setup the Invoice Open Tracking & Auto-follow-up system until money hits accounts

Spend Wisely

Colour-Coded SAGs feature and Analyzer tool help Business spot unnecessary expenses quickly. Budgeting help run Projects & Company on a budget

Be Profitable

Number of tracking systems to find out whether your project or department or Branches are Profitable or not

Happy Teams

Features to take care of Employee benefits, Salaries, Reimbursement, Expense Claims even Commissions if applicable.


Simplify Work-Life is the core area we as a company always focus so that your team can learn things faster and deliver better business
Automation at its Best

Converting manual forms or spreadsheets into a Software is not automation. It is a codification of Industry Standards, Best Practises, streamlining end-to-end Business Process and at the same time making it adaptable with your current Culture. When your People powered with these Processes, you have set them up for Success by default

Procure to Pay

Starting from Purchase request to receiving Stock till you pay the vendor, process for all stages

Quote to Cash

Right from impressive quotation to sales order to till it hits balance Sheet, everything is tracked

Record to Report (Financial & Management Accounting)

Credits, Debits. Have we lost you? Forget we spoke about them. HBS is a new simple language which you and your Accountant can talk, understand to grow your Business. Book-keeping to Cost Accounting to Budgets, all in your Financial modules.

Hire to Retire

New Staff induction, automated leave policies, Loans, Advance, Payroll till they retire or resign from the Company

Acquire to Retire

Purchase Assets, Maintain them, Schedule depreciations till its Lifetime, Retire them by scrapping or selling. Your finance integrated Asset Management Tool

Plan to Produce

Right from Demand Planning to Work Orders to Inventory management, all process simplified to help you manufacture products & track them efficiently
Collaboration & Productivity

Let your Customer, Supplier, inter-companies, inter-department to one-one-one Business communications happen the way you chat at WhatsApp enabling greater collaboration & increased Productivity of your Team

Email Triggers & Sequences

Communicate with your Customer or Supplier moment their Sales or Purchase Invoices are created. Auto-follow up with them at Scale with personalized email sequences

Track all Communications

Whether it is a comment you made on your Sales order or follow-up call you had with your Supplier or just an internal note, comment them against respective transactions; don’t let it fall through cracks

Team Chat

Ask your colleague to review the quote throwing the document number into a chat room or Boss to approve your expenses in simple, tag organized Team Chat.

ERP Calendar

An invoice that is due, PO to be issued, your Scheduled meetings – See them automatically appear in your Calendar


System generated Tasks or your own To-Do, keep it in your To-do List


Something to be jotted down quickly over the phone, scribble it in your own Notepad