Welcome to the FAQ page of HAL Simplify ERP! Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our company and our ERP software. We have compiled a comprehensive list of queries to provide you with the information you need

Does HAL ERP fully satisfy e-Invoicing Phase 1 as well as Phase 2 guidelines as per ZATCA regulations from Government of Saudi Arabia?

Yes, HAL ERP is a fully compliant e-Invoicing solution provider. We are one the first solution providers to get certified with ZATCA during the inception of VAT.

Is HAL software accessible from anywhere?

Yes – The HAL software is on the cloud. One of the beauty and benefits of cloud is that the application is accessible from anywhere and anytime

Do you need the internet to access the HAL Application?

Yes, Being a cloud system, the Internet is the only means of accessing the application.

Is it safe to use cloud systems? / Is my data safe in the cloud?

We use the best in class Cloud service providers as Amazon so that you can be rest assured your data is as safe as in a bank locker! Our service providers invest heavily in security measures to ensure that your data is protected from Cybersecurity threats.

On top of it, Here are a few security measures that we implement:

– Encryption of data while in rest and while in transit
– Double hash protection of passwords

– Strong access controls to prevent unauthorized access

– Regular security audits and updates

– Hourly/Daily and Monthly data backup for effective disaster recovery support.

How do you support your clients?

We firmly believe that our success is directly connected to the success of our clients. We have a very robust and mature support portal where a dedicated team looks into all support related issues depending on the SLA agreements we share. Our Enterprise clients also have access to dedicated Account Managers.

Is HAL ERP an On-Premise system or a cloud based software?

HAL ERP is a fully cloud based software. We do have tailor made private cloud implementations for Enterprise clients based on specific needs.

Is HAL ERP a full fledged ERP or only an Accounting system?

We have different offerings suiting different business needs. Our Gold plan is most suited for small businesses with very simple and easy operations to manage the business without the need to understand Accounting in detail making it a very simple to use Accounting system.
Our Enterprise plans are most suited for larger businesses who have complex needs which require customizations and cover the full range of the entire business cycle making it a very powerful ERP system.

How long does it take to implement your new ERP system?

You can get started with HAL right away by signing up for the free trial. We have a ready to use Software as a service offering that can be set up instantly!

Is there Inventory Management in the product plans?

As a robust ERP system provider, we have a very deep and powerful Inventory management system. Depending on the plans you choose, the offerings will change. As a starter, the Gold plan gives you basic Inventory control. The platinum plan gives you even more control. The Enterprise plan is designed for a much more efficient and deeper control over your inventory.

Does HAL ERP have a mobile Application?

Yes, we have an app for Android as well as iOS. Also, all the pages of HAL ERP are mobile friendly and responsive. This means that you can easily access them on your mobile devices through different browsers as well.

What Inventory Costing Method is used?

We use the FIFO – First in First Out based Inventory costing. In our Enterprise plans, we do have the option to change this to Moving average costing as well.

Do you have automated VAT Filing Reports?

Yes, as a listed service provider of ZATCA, we do have ready to use VAT Filing reports which is filled up automatically by the system based on your interactions.

Do you have an HR Module?

Yes, our HR module is fully compatible with KSA local laws. The most powerful feature of our HR is we have a very deeply connected system between the HR and Finance departments making it very easy and effortless to use.

Is there an Employee self service module?

Yes, We do have a very user friendly Employee self service module where employees can request for leaves, view salaries and perform other services too.

Can HAL ERP be Integrated with other systems?

Yes, we are a modern service provider and fully believe in integrating with other systems through our API endpoints. We are already connected with leading solutions such as Foodics, Posbytz, Salla, Zid, Gsuite, Zoom, WooCommerce, Unifonics just to mention a few.

How do I learn to use the new ERP system?

We provide different training plans based on the client’s needs. We have extensive help documentation and training videos in English as well as Arabic. On top of this, based on individual needs, we conduct specific client based training onsite.  All our Enterprise ERP Implementation comes assured with specific time based training.

Is it possible to customize the ERP system?

We believe each customer is different and hence have plans suitable for different needs. Even in our product plans, you can buy credit points to help you achieve specific customizations. Our powerful platform built on our framework is fully capable of doing very deep and flexible customizations.

How can I reset my password?

You can easily reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the sign up page. You will receive an email with a link to your registered email.

Do you have an approval workflow to manage multi level Approvals?

Yes, we have a very powerful workflow system which can help you achieve any levels of approvals. For eg: it is possible to have 1 or 2 approvals before issuing a simple PO. It is all based on individual client needs.

Do you have a roadmap for development?

One of the cornerstones of our company is continuous development. As a customer, you will get to benefit and enjoy the continuous updates in the system. You can access our public product roadmap here – https://roadmap.halsimplify.com/t/roadmap