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Make it-Your-Own Solution

We believe Software should bend for Business and not the other way around. So, Make it-Your-Own (MYO) is the word to watch. Hal smart supplier is designed to help you automate your business the way you need - from getting quotes from your hundreds of suppliers to placing an order to tracking it to fulfillment - build it the way you want.

More reasons to choose
Hal Smart Supplier Solution

  • Get a Status in Seconds

    Get a Status in Seconds

    Color Coded Status at a Glance (SAG) boxes in every module tells you something vital in seconds

  • Search Anything

    Search Anything

    Forms, Reports, you name it. You can reach via Search

  • Minimal Learning Curve

    Minimal Learning Curve

    Knowing 2 screens equals Knowing it all. Entire System is made of 2 screens for you to catch up faster. Tours & Videos come as two friends to onboard or to manage scenarios

  • Your Personal Secretary

    Your Personal Secretary

    Stock nearing low, Invoices cancelled or whatever, you will be alerted at the right time

  • Report but Infinite Possibilities

    Report but Infinite Possibilities

    Sky is a limit to extract number of reports with Hal’s intelligent Report utility

  • Speaks your Language

    Speaks your Language

    Toggle between languages without logging in & out

Ahmed Al Saied

Finance Manager

We have had a very successful implementation with Hal ERP for our clinic - Saeed Alghamdi's medical clinic. Their staff was highly supportive during the project and always there to help us. The the fact that they are already approved with GAZT is really great as their system complies with all the regulations.


Chief Accountant, Gulf Africa Trading Co. , Sharjah, UAE

I am completely satisfied with HAL simply because it helps solve my problem – in maintaining my Inventory accurately and helping with the reports I specifically need. The ability to have better control over my Customer receivables makes me give the product a five star!!


GM, Fallatha Trading Ltd, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

With HAL, we found the perfect partner to scale our business. From VAT reports to expense management, I can breathe easy ever since I moved to HAL. When I took the trial, I was little sceptical, but the experience I got from their support team gave me no reason to hesitate further.

With Hal Smart Supplier's
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